Swapping Options

GaBoom is a website where you can get the games you want, using the games you own by swapping them with fellow gamers!

Find the video games you want by searching GaBoom and add them to your personal Wish List.

Add the video games you've got to your "Games I will sell or swap" list, to let others see what you have to swap.

Then simply hit the "Match Me" button in your Games profile to be matched with the people you can swap with. If we can't find a match for you then and there, we will email you as soon as the game you want has been added!

And of course you can also browse the games on GaBoom to find the ones you want.

Once you have agreed a swap, it's time to swap games and GaBoom offers three ways in which to do so - two of which are completely secure and hassle-free!

Check out the different ways to swap below...

Secure Swap

(recommended option)
GaBoom Secure swap

Both members post their games to GaBoom's P.O Box address. When both games are received, their condition is checked and they are sent on to their new owners. Check out the Secure Swap video for more information.

Gaboom Escrow

GaBoom Escrow swap

Both members put forward an insurance deposit of £18 and post their games to each other using Recorded Delivery (this is so both members can track the delivery of their game). When the games are received, their £18 insurance deposit is returned to them and their credit card details are deleted. Check out the GaBoom Escrow video for more information.

Forum Swap

GaBoom Forum exchange

By choosing this option members agree that GaBoom accepts no liability if there is a problem in the exchange. Check out the Forum Exchange video to see how it works.

Secure Swap GaBoom Escrow Forum Exchange
GaBoom checks the condition of your new game to check all is as it should be. tick cross cross
GaBoom sends your new game to you using 1st Class Recorded Delivery. tick cross cross
Complete privacy - my address is not shared with the person I'm swapping with. tick cross cross
Hassle free - GaBoom does the leg work. tick tick cross
Compensation - Am I compensated if anything goes wrong in the exchange? tick tick cross
No need to communicate with other members to arrange the exchange. tick tick cross
How much does it cost? £4.40 £2.00 £0
What happens if the member I am swapping with doesn't send their game to me? Your game is returned to you and you're refunded the cost of the service. You will be compensated using their £18 insurance deposit. I'm afraid there is nothing GaBoom can do. You can, however, give the member bad user feedback.